Royal Enfield handcrafted in chennai wallpaper

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Royal Enfield announces the release of a new ad film created and produced by Wieden+Kennedy, Delhi. This film is a tribute to the wonderful people who build, sell, ride and maintain these adored machines, and is a heartfelt tribute to the city that Royal Enfield calls home. 

Starting this week, the ad will release across cinemas, digital channels and other select media channels across India, supported by print advertising. 

Royal Enfield is a rare breed in an age of mass-produced, user-friendly predictability. These are mechanical motorcycles, handcrafted with love, engineered with purpose, and designed in a way that gives each machine its own unique character. This character is reinforced by Royal Enfield’s cultural DNA – by where it was born, and by where it is now built. Its classic British pedigree shows in every line, while the gleaming new engine hints at the devotion that has enabled this legendary marque to thrive in the outskirts of Chennai. 

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